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Toddler Class

Starts at 3 years old. Train at
Mongkok Kaboodle Learning Center  or  Tokwawan Grandwater Front

Primary School Class

Starts from a primary school in grade 1. Train at Kaboodle Learning Centre, Cheung Chau Club, Kowloon Bay Club and Tokwawan Grandwater Front

Secondary School Class

Starts from a secondary school and train at Cheung Chau Club, Kowloon Bay Club

Adults & Recreation Class

Good for anyone who is interested in Taekwondo after work or school. Train at Kowloon Bay Club

Competition Team Training

Selected students join our superior high-performance training. Preparing for all kinds of competitions.

Oversea Training

Open for all students who would like to join our sister clubs around the world. Including our Toronto branch, as well as Dubai, Chiang-Rai and Taiwan.


Free Trial WhatsApp us for details 63389766